BONUS: Plan Your Marketing

BONUS: Plan Your Marketing Module

Watch the video, complete the quiz and then tell me about your ideal client.

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Planning Your Marketing

Make your marketing easy by having a plan for your year’s marketing activities at the highest level.

Monthly Themes / Focus

By having a theme / focus topic or idea per month, guides your marketing to be focused and easier to create.

Regular Activity

Marketing is a consistent, long game. There is no one easy fix, it is a mix of consistent activity, and higher level strategic focuses and projects.

Download Planning My Marketing Worksheet

Planning Your Social Media

Rather than spreading yourself too thin across all social media platforms, make sure you do the ones you choose to be on well. Choose ones that are highly relevant for your ideal clients.

Planning your content in advance means social media activity will consistently happen and will be well through out rather than ad-hoc last minute panic posts. This will mean greater connection with your ideal clients.

Download Social Media Monthly Planning Worksheet