How To Use The Planner System

How To Use The Planner Module

Watch the video, take a look through the instructions for the different sections and ask me any questions.

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How to Use the It’s Time Marketing Planner System

This planner is not limited to this beautiful book—it is part of a system, which comes with worksheets, weekly “it’s time” emails and monthly “make time” emails to inspire and encourage you. We also have a number of resources that will dig deeper into topics, to support, encourage and inspire you.

TOP TIP: Make sure you add to your safe sender list / address book to make sure you don’t miss any emails.


Goal setting is crucial when it comes to business—for more inspiration go to January’s theme for tips on how to set great goals and what drives you. There is space for you to create a dream goal—this is the ultimate of the ultimate. Then breaking it down into 3 great goals for the year ahead.

All About You

You are the core of your business, and I want you to take time to celebrate you, and your genius. You are a wonderfully, talented, amazing person and I want you to remind yourself of this often—so don’t forget to come back to this page throughout the year!


Celebrating your successes throughout the year is important. On the achievements pages is space for the top 10 achievements. I urge you to keep another journal for all your daily successes, and celebrate these also—there is space on the weekly pages too. You will be amazed at how many small things make up the big things over the year. Let’s celebrate!

Quarterly Focus

Breaking annual plans into quarterly objectives help make things more tangible. Giving focus to 3 projects per quarter is far more achievable than aiming for a huge number or goal for the entire year. Quarters inspire progress. Use the review to keep yourself on track and accountable.

Monthly Focus

Each month we have a theme which will contain overviews of areas of your business that you can work on, both in quick wins and long term planning in order to get you and your business where you want to go. Taking time to focus on each area will give you clarity in order to make progress and work towards your goals. The planner contains the overview and base questions
to get you thinking, then the real magic happens when you implement these into your business. Implementation can be hard, so we have extra online support available to you each month.

Each month extra resources will be released to provide extra support for what you are working on. This may be a worksheet, video or another resource to go with the activity you are doing. I encourage you to complete each of the theme focus topics and participate in the challenges. That way, this year will not only be the best yet for your business, you will experience business breakthroughs and clarity in your marketing and other areas of your business, with the support of like-minded people and as well as my support and backing.

There is a monthly focus page which is where you break down your annual and quarterly goals into monthly bite-sized actions that will ensure you achieve your goals. There is also space at the end of the month to review how things went and revisit what worked and didn’t work.

Each month there is a colouring in page, which gives you time to get your creative juices flowing. So grab those colouring pencils and enjoy.

There will be extras delivered during the month as we approach them, so make sure you are signed up to receive notifications of these. This will mean you will get the most out of this planner and system. For even more value, make sure you’re part of the full system, where there will be live calls, guest experts and more!

Weekly Focus

This is a snapshot view of the week ahead. Check out the public holidays, note down the happenings for the week and general overview.

Moon’s play a large role in our vibrational frequency—have you ever worked in a call centre at full moon? You will know exactly what I mean! So the moon phases are also included, here’s what the symbols mean:

Daily Focus

Your days are the most important! You only have right now, and right now… I could go on like that for every second. We live in the present, so the moment you have is NOW! What you are filling your time with in every moment needs to count. That is why there is a page per day (and weekends combined, because we all need down time!).

Forming fabulous daily habits are essential to your wellbeing, and achieving the success that matters to you.

Each day there is space for your daily activities in what will be the ‘recipe for today’ as well as great daily practices for today’s key revenue generating task to focus on, gratitude, affirmations, and space to focus on what will make the biggest impact to your day, to others or going forward for yourself. Here’s an example of how you might use these: